Emilys science HW

Have you heard the worlds getting hotter? some people say it is some people say its not. who’s right? and does it matter! how will it affect you and your friends? how will it affect the artic? and what can we do about it? follow these steps to help stop climate change.
.when you go to the shops don’t use there plastic bags provide your selves with your own hessian bags
.eat wisely try growing your own healthy veg and fruit and try to only eat one piece of meat with your three meals a day
.if your parents drive you to school try walking instead
.support and help charities by donating unwanted gifts and clothes and lots of food at harvest time
.unplug your computers and switch off the lights with any other electronics and be energy sufficient
.and most importantly remember this famous saying REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE

thankyou for reading these rules and please follow them in the future

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  1. Some great advice Emily ! You have some brilliant ideas to help save our planet, keep spreading the word !

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