Haloween Night part 1

As I was walking home one night I felt subconsciously afraid.It was Halloween night and the school grounds, as I walked across them, looked spookier than ever. When I got to the creaky old gate that surrounded the school, I found it was locked. “No!” I groaned, I was going to have to stay in this creepy ancient building for the whole night. No one was here to let me out. I was alone. Alone in this deserted sombre place. Suddenly I woke with a start. Where was I? How did I get here? And most importantly what was going to happen to me?
These were questions I asked myself over and over. Instantly I remembered I was in the school hiding from the thing that was trying to get me on Halloween night… I started shaking. My heart started to pound. And once again I was filled with fear! If I had not stayed up so late, if I had not tried to finish my work in school, if I had listened my parents, then I would not be in the school, quivering with fear, waiting for the monster to get me. I felt so afraid, like I was going to die. Was I? I didn’t know. Growling. That’s all I could hear. And it was coming from behind me… I had to move. get out of here. Here being the horrible place of darkness and despair. Imagine a place where all you can see is orange pumpkins grinning at you, giving off an eerie light, where monsters chase you in the pitch black darkness, where your scream pierces the silence of midnight: this is my school on Halloween.