Holes by holly 6b

Stanley Yelnats got into a lot of trouble in school so he went to cort and he had a choice between Camp Green Lake or prison he chose Camp Green Lake. (when he was younger he thought camps were great and full of fun and he still does he youst to play with his figures and betend they were at camp) he lived in a very poor family.

So he got in the bus to Camp Green Lake a gaurd was sat in front of him (8 hours on the bus long time…)  He finally got there yayyayayayay he got out of the bus and the heat hit him like a rocket going to space he was exhausted i needed a drink very quikly the gaurd took me to the camp i couldent wait to see the lake!

Mr Sir said to me go out there but before you do heres a map so he took it was Camp Green Lake good or bad…

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  1. I thought it was great I am in your class I am enjoying holes I hope you are

  2. I thought that was great I am your class I hope you enjoy more of holes because I do

  3. Great question from Mr C. We will discuss this in class tomorrow!

  4. Holly, I used to teach the book Holes in fifth grade. I really enjoyed it because of the character development and of course the curse! My question to you is: Do you believe Stanley made the right choice when he picked going to Camp Green Lake? Remember, it isn’t a Girl Scout camp!

    Mr. C

    • No I thought he made the wrong choice because he has to dig a hole everyday 5 feet wide and 5 foot deep.However the food is discusting and he has to sleep in barf bags cot he obvisiouly dosent like it!

  5. Well done holly! You have remembered a lot of what we have read so far! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

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