KS2 Performance Poetry Competition 2013

On Thursday afternoon, all Key Stage 2 children competed in the 2nd annual Performance Poetry competition. The competition involves every class performing a poem together on the stage with trophies for lower and upper Key Stage 2. Each class teacher selects a different poem which the children then learn along with adding actions, using props and trying to be creative in their performance of the poem.

It is a great opportunity for children to work as a team and use different skills not always seen in the classroom. The children performed to the rest of the school and also the judges, Mr McDowell, Mrs Place and Mr Parkinson. The judges were provided with a criteria to consider during each performance, these were:

  • Clear voices: loud – can hear every word, good annunciation, variation in volume and pace.
  • Good use of expression and intonation.
  • Originality: use of props, choreography etc.
  • Presentation – confident, heads up/looking out, smart.
  • ‘Togetherness’ – speak in unison
  • How entertaining is performance?

Each class worked tremendously hard to be creative in the way they delivered the poem, using their voices, bodies and props to be unique and entertaining in the way they performed. They had practised the poem in lessons leading up to the competition and looked at some of the other work by the poet, completing other tasks relating to the poem. It was a fantastic afternoon and one both teachers and children thoroughly enjoyed! The classes performed the following poems:

Here are the performances for each class:

Davyhulme Primary KS2 Performance Poetry Competition 2013 from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.

The winners were:

Lower Juniors – Class 4B – The Sound Collector

Upper Juniors – Class 5A – Walking with my Iguana

Well done to all the classes for all their fantastic efforts! It was an amazing competition which demonstrated how far the standard had improved since last year. We cannot wait for the competition next year!

2 thoughts on “KS2 Performance Poetry Competition 2013

  1. What stunning performances. Well done everyone.
    Delighted to see that ‘Iguana’ won the upper junior section.
    Really enjoyed your interpretation 5A, great props, a solid beat and clear voices.
    Maybe I can visit your school one day and show you my performance of the poem.


  2. Well done , to everybody who participated in the poem afternoon , I thought everybody did brilliantly In their poem and everybody looked like they were having fun!

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