Natural disasters By Libby6b

Yesterday my class and I were focusing on topic and our topic is,’How the world changes.’ We got partnered up and you and your partner had to go on audioboo and record your voices talking about a tsunami that happened last year in Japan. I was the news reporter and Nathan was a person who went on holiday to Japan and survived the tsunami. Nathan talked about how some people who lived on the side of Japan that is closest to Hawaii already knew about the tsunami coming because they could feel the ground moving very slightly, so they managed to get to high ground quicker. Also that most houses got taken off the ground and sweapt into the sea, apparently skyscrapers were even moving! The tsunami lasted for around 3-4minutes, I was quite surprised when I heard it was that long because it says it took many houses of the ground and killed over 2,000 people died.


We learnt a lot about the tsunami in Japan.