One Direction This Is Us!!!

This weekend I was very lucky to be taken to the one direction film This Is Us! I really enjoyed the film and as most of you know I really love one direction!!! It told you lots about them but it also told you lots about what has happened since x factor two and a half years ago when they actually came third! Due to their fans they have become so popular all over the world!!! It was really interesting to see all their fans when they were all over the world on tour!!! It also gave you a real insight into their family life and what life is like for them at home. My Favourite part of the film was seeing them perform in front of their fans at global concerts. There was nothing I didn’t like about the film!!!!!

By Harriet

One thought on “One Direction This Is Us!!!

  1. I went to see this is us yesterday for my birthday and I defently agree that if you are a one directioner you should go and see this film whilst its still in cinema. I liked to see what the group do in there spare time , I love it !!!!

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