Roald Dahl day.

Year six from all different schools dressed up as all kind of Roald Dahl characters and went of to flixton girls when we got there we watched a movie and then sorted our selves into groups first we went of and did an activity where we had to change the ending of Charlie and the chocolate factory and others made an new chocolate but me and the other girls wrote a new song for Charlie and the chocolate factory. then we went of to do some maths about the chocolates in Charlie and the chocolate factory we had to guess how much we thought the chocolates weighed once we did that we had to put them in order smallest to largest and then we got told to do a math sentence for example me and my friend Ella went to the shops I only had 2 pound I wanted a bar of chocolate for 1.50 pounds and Ella wanted a pack of smarties for 70 pence how much more do I need. Then we went to lunch and we got put back into our teams and then we went and got ready for p.e and played a game of mat ball and our team won then we went back to the hall and we all had to look under our chair for a golden ticket then I found the golden tick under my chair we went up on stage and opened them up only five people won then we won a 15 pound Odeon ticket we had a such a good day and I hope other schools did as well.