Sara’s science homework


The fire triangle

The fire triangle is made up of three things:

  • Heat
  • Fuel
  • Oxygen

If one of these things is not present, then the fire will not start. Oxygen is in the air (that’s all around us), Fuel is often wood and the Heat is sometimes matchsticks or a lighter.


Stay safe around fires

The NEVER, DO NOT and ALWAYS are great top tips to staying safe around fires!

  • NEVER start a fire unless there is somebody with you who knows what they’re doing
  • DO NOT go too close to a fire without supervision
  • ALWAYS ask an adult to help you if you need to use an oven or other equiptment that requires fire

As bonfire night is coming up, these tips should be very useful if you’re going to a bonfire festival. There will also be fireworks, so there is another set of NEVER, DO NOT and ALWAYS. Unfortunately, this text is about fires so I can not put down information about bonfires, but I will try to make another one all about bonfires. Bye!:)