science homework alicia

Hello my name is alicia I am in 6a and I want to tell you about global warming and how it can cause climate change.
Global warming is caused mostly by man made things and I have got a few tips on how to prevent it happening.

1)Turn off the light to save electricity.
2)Take time to recycle,because recycling is a whole lot better than just having rubbish burnt down.
3)Try to use public transport instead of cars and other things,because the fumes from the exhaust go up into our atmosphere.
4)Don’t use as much paper so trees won’t need to be cut down.

And remeber it’s not just one person who can help this cause so please…SPREAD THE WORD!

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  1. Loads of great advice here, and if we did all this then the world would be a better place. Try and think of snappy sayings to get the message across – have fun with words!! This is a great list.

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