Seasonal Slow Writing

In Year 6 literacy we have been improving the quality of our sentences. Today we used the ‘John Lewis Snowman’ advert as our inspiration. Here are some of our wonderful sentences!

The freezing snowman ventured around the mysterious, fascinating city.

Lia 6a.

I stared out the window at the tretorous, wintry snow.

Elena 6a.

Upsettingly, the next day the tall snowman had gone (leaving the snow-woman heartbroken).

Amy 6b.

Dejected, frozen, crippled with pain, the frail and unsteady snowlady nearly fell to the ground.

Sienna 6b.

All he could see was snow as white as paper engulfing anything near it.

Dominic 6b.

The snowman could taste the bitter snowflakes as he staggered along on his mission.

Alexander 6b.

Terror surged through his body, but he maintained his balance on the mountain.

Alex 6a.

As he trudged along, the crisp, white snow crackled painfully under his feet.

Hallam 6a.

Cautiously, the snowman (who was miles from home) went searching for a present.

Kaidena 6b.

As the snowman went on his amazing journey, the snow-woman felt downhearted and isolated in the freezing, bitter snow.

Jake 6a.

Tentatively, the snowman silently leapt onto the jagged rock, with clear blue water surrounding him.

Jake 6b.


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