the arrival letter

Dear Poppy,

How are you? are you doing well in school? I think you are like always. oh Poppy I have been dying to tell you how much I miss you and Kate but I had to leave so you and mum can have money to live a happy life without any problems and you can pay all the bills. So Poppy I have finally arrived in Owl City and it’s amazing. There’s so many transports like hot-air balloons and bikes they even have flying boats which I think is a bit strange if you ask me. HEY today I’ve been looking for a house and I actually I got a house but when I opened the door I saw what I didn’t expect to be sitting behind the door on my hard wooden bed. I saw a smiledactile sitting there with his big brown eyes glaring at me. Now I bet your wondering what a smildactile is. Well it’s a small little creature that always seems to have a little cheeky grin and is a mixture of a cat and a bunny. He seems to be a pet of my own now however I can’t think of a name to call her so I thought you could name her for me so I shall send you a picture of her. So that’s all the interesting things that has happened to me  but now I am out looking for jobs which went okay at first however I got fired for sticking the posters upside down obviously it was a mistake but when I tried to apologise he just started to shout at me. So my second job went well until this dog tried to bite my hand of whilst I was there posting a letter through somebody’s door. Right now I am working the factory making the milk which is good fun because I am making a lot of friends, But I wonder how long that would last for? WRITE TO YOU SOON

lots of love Dad xxxx