The Arrival

The arrival is all about a family who get split apart. The man has to leave for work, he leaves his wife and daughter stranded at the train station as he gets on a train. Tears fill their eyes as he zooms off on the train to, ‘Owl City.’ He then jumps on bord a boat that leads him there. There are paper birds manically roming the town. Also there are massive skyscrapers towering over everyone, he finally gives a little smile then realises that the last time he smiled was when he was having breakfast with his lovely wife and beautiful daughter. Once he gets there he realises that he might enjoy this trip but fears that he might never see his family again.

Symbols to about the world they’re living in: When the wife and daughter were finally leaving the station, on the picture you could see dragon shadows. Also when the man was on the ship there were two statues but we thought that they weren’t statues in real life, they were the people who took control of the town but the illustrator was just showing us how important they were.

This is the story we are learning about in literacy.