The Fate Of The Selfish Cow By Ellen and Caitlin

There was once an awkward cow,
That did not moo, but did meow,
The cows father was very weird,
And grew a very extreme beard,
Her mother and brother were the most normal,
Even though they were paranormal,
The cows grandpa had a very big backside,
So whenever he came round, the family had to hide,
One day, the awkward cow got married to a toad,
The very next day he got ran over on the road,
His family was very sad,
But the cow was very glad,
You see, she didn’t like him,
Because she was fashionable and he was dim,
Although he was very rich,
He was also a very big snitch,
She thought he had got what he deserved,
And she wasn’t the least bit concerned,
The very next day she crossed the road,
And got killed by a car that did explode!