TUESDAY TERROR!!! (news report by ben6b)

In yr6 we have been doing news reports here is my news report about what happend in Davyhulme last Tuesday


Davyhulme attacked by mysterious green flying objects

Last night at around 8:00 Davyhulme were attacked by mysterious green flying objects. People have commented they saw the mysterious objects but others not.  Why did this happen? Who were these green objects? What were these green objects? Why did they come here?


Mrs Wickstone, mother of 3, claimed her washing has slime all over it. Mrs Wickstones washing has been slimmed by something. Was it young teenagers? or was it actully green flying objects?


Mr McGrath, manchester united fan, protesded he saw green flying objects witch he calls toads. Mr McGrath went down for a latenight snack and claimed he saw flying toads.


“I couldn`t belive my tv channel had changed to Docter Who witch I hate” exclaimed Mrs Jones.


Will happen again? Have the green objects gone for ever? Why did they come to Davyhulme?

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